NDP Leader calls for national missing and murdered women’s inquiry

House of Commons


February 13, 2013

Hon. Thomas Mulcair (Leader of the Opposition, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, the Human Rights Watch report released today reveals that aboriginal women absolutely do not trust law enforcement officials. This has even been a major obstacle in investigations into the murders of aboriginal women in Canada.

The authors of this report also allege that aboriginal women were assaulted and sexually abused by some police officers.

Will the Prime Minister finally agree to launch a full public inquiry into the disappearances and murders of aboriginal women in Canada?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, I am very aware of the fact that a report was released today. The Minister of Public Safety has asked the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP to look into the serious allegations made in the report. We do not have any information about these allegations, but anyone who does should give the information to the appropriate authorities.