Libby remembers Sandy Cameron

House of Commons
November 1, 2010

Libby Davies (MP Vancouver East):

Mr Speaker,

The many people who knew, respected and loved Sandy Cameron, mourn his death and the loss we will experience.

His decades of leadership, compassion, and hard work in the Downtown Eastside helped countless people. Sandy’s numerous, enduring and thoughtful columns in the Carnegie Newsletter, his books of poetry, his work at the Carnegie Learning Centre, as well as his kind and gentle ways of helping people, are things that inspired a whole community.

He told us and recorded our history; he was a wonderful teacher; a mentor and a guide, who, along with his partner of 25 years, Jean Swanson, helped forge a strength of community that is legendary across Canada.

Most of all, Sandy worked for social justice and peace. He believed and lived that it came from the people. His unwavering belief in our own ability to create a better world, without violence and inequality, is what he left us. The best thing we can do is carry on that work because that’s what he would expect us to do.

Thank you Sandy, for the gifts you gave us. Your words live on.