Star Wars

Ms. Libby Davies (Vancouver East, NDP): Mr. Speaker, four times as many Canadians strongly oppose Canada’s participation in the U.S. missile defence program as those who strongly support it. It is alarming to know that the Liberal government was poised to sign on to Bush’s missile defence that will inevitably weaponize space and launch a new and dangerous global arms race.

While the Prime Minister is being coy with his position as he tries to avoid the scrutiny of the Canadian public and his own caucus, New Democrats are clear on where they stand. They want Canada to stay out of it. They want no part of G.W. Bush’s ill thought out and unilateral policy agenda. They will continue to press this demand in Parliament and work with anti-war and peace groups to make sure Canada is an advocate for peace and human security.

The NDP has consistently supported and pressed for Canada to meet its international commitment that 0.7% of gross domestic product be dedicated to international development assistance. It calls on the government to heed the priorities of Canadians: no to star wars and yes to human dignity.