The NDP marks World AIDS Day


House of Commons


November 28, 2012

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the NDP, we want to thank the many organizations and individuals whose tireless efforts in Canada and abroad support those living with HIV/AIDS and their work to prevent future infections.

The AIDS epidemic has become a global public health challenge which warrants our collective attention and demands our concerted action.  Even amidst advances in medical science, the scarcity of live-saving drugs condemns too many to a life of poverty and from dying a preventable death. 

It is more important than ever that we support life-saving initiatives to fight AIDS-related deaths.  For this reason, I urge my colleagues to vote in favour of Bill C-398 tonight, the ‘Medicines for All’ bill, which would save millions of lives worldwide.

On this solemn but hopeful occasion, we in the NDP recommit to ending the spread of HIV/AIDS at home and abroad, and supporting those who live with HIV/AIDS to ensure their dignity and rights are upheld.