Libby Celebrates the 30th Annual Walk for Peace

Dear friends,

Can it really be 30 years since the legendary Walk for Peace began? I remember so vividly the first one in 1982 and so many since. As a City Councillor at the time, I was one of the folks who pushed hard for the City to co-sponsor the walk and become a part of a vast network of cities for peace and against nuclear arms.

The people of Vancouver embraced the Walk with enthusiasim, love, and a commitment for Justice. The End The Arms Race Coalition, became a model across Canada for citizen involvement to work for a better world.

My son (now 33) used to carry a little sign that said “I want to grow up not blow up”. His generation did grow up and become part of new struggles that we face today.

May the committment live on as we continue our work for peace, justice and a healthy environment.

In peace,

Libby Davies

MP for Vancouver East

For more information about this year’s peace walk: