Libby introduces her bill for a sodium reduction strategy


House of Commons


November 5, 2012

Mr. Speaker,

I am pleased to introduce my bill, An Act respecting the implementation of the Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada. 

This bill addresses a critical public health issue in our country.  Right now, we are facing an epidemic of sodium-related diseases, driven by the high sodium content pre-packaged foods, which account for approximately 75% of our salt intake.

This bill would help Canadians make healthier choices and reduce the sodium in their diets.  It would implement the recommendations of Health Canada’s Sodium Working Group, set out in their ‘Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada’It would set safe levels for the sodium content in pre-packaged foods and improve the labeling of sodium in pre-packaged foods.

I would like to thank all the organizations who asked us to bring this issue forward and helped to create the bill.  They told me that reducing the amount of salt in our food would substantially decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease events, and in turn, the deaths of thousands of Canadians every year.  

I would also like to thank my colleague from Saint-Bruno–Saint-Hubert, for being here today to second my bill.  As a physician, she understands the importance of preventative health measures such as reducing salt intake.

That is why this bill is so important, because it will improve the health of Canadians and save lives.  I hope all members will support this bill.