The facts on Bill C-460 and why I hope you’ll support it

Dear Friends,

I’m very excited about Bill C-460, An Act respecting the implementation of the Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada, which is coming up soon for debate in Parliament.

I worked on and selected this Bill to come forward, to ensure the federal government finally takes action on the urgent need for a Sodium Reduction Plan in Canada. [ read more…]

7th Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil

Today is the 7th annual “Sisters in Spirit” Vigil taking place in Ottawa. This event hosted by the Native Women’s Association of Canada is important for several reasons:

It brings together the families and friends of missing and murdered women to speak out and share their stories, and it focuses attention on the federal government and their lack of action on the tragedy of how so many Aboriginal women have fallen to violence. [ read more…]

Your Support for Women’s Rights

Dear friend,

As you’ve probably heard by now Motion M312 was defeated in Parliament yesterday by a vote of 91 in favour; 203 against. I have to say I was really relieved that it was a sizable majority of MP’s that made it clear that this motion will not be approved.  However, I am disappointed to see that 10 Ministers voted for the motion, including the Minister for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose. [ read more…]

Guest Blog: A Reflection on my Internship with Libby

As a graduate student of Carleton University studying in the Master of Political Management program, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Libby and her staff during the internship component of my graduate degree.  For ten weeks, I was immersed in life on Parliament Hill, joining Libby in her daily duties as a Member of Parliament. [ read more…]

In Memoriam of Jack Layton

Dear friends,

Its hard to believe that a year has gone by since Jack Layton died. His presence is very much with us, both politically, and for many, personally, too. Today, I am in Toronto, where a beautiful monument to Jack, sculpted by Olivia, located in the Necropolis cemetary will be witnessed, and a public gathering tonight at Nathan Phillips Square, at Toronto City Hall will celebrate his life and legacy. [ read more…]

‘Dear Jack’, from Libby

I recently participated in the ‘Dear Jack’ campaign, sending a message to the Jack Layton on the anniversary of his death.  You can check my message below.


To participate in the Dear Jack campaign, go to: [ read more…]

Welcome to my new site!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my newly redesigned website!  After many months of hard work, I am happy to unveil the new site, and encourage you to check it out.

Keep an eye out for:

Our new design, which makes the site easier to navigate and search – try out our ‘search’ tool and click on any content title to find tables of archived posts. [ read more…]

In Memory of Jim Green

Dear Friends,

I’m very sad to hear the news about Jim’s passing this morning . I want to express my sympathy and sorrow to his family. All of Vancouver mourns this loss. Jim’s larger than life character and energy did so much in the Downtown Eastside, and the City overall that we all benefited from his vision and work. [ read more…]

In support of Jim Green

Dear Friends,

I was very sad to hear the news about Jim Green and how he’s facing cancer.

I join the many people in our city who send him love and good wishes at this difficult time.

Stay strong Jim – we’re all with you. [ read more…]

My concerns about the Northern Gateway Pipeline

Dear Friends,

I know many of you are concerned about the impacts of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

My NDP colleagues and I strongly oppose this project because it is neither in the best interests of Canadians, nor does it meet the criteria of what constitutes sustainable development. [ read more…]